Fighting Crohn’s on the Net

(Featured the original ”Crohn’s End” blog: Daniel’s stay in the hospital during his recovery from an emergency surgery due to a ruptured intestine)

I’ve returned home and I’m all stitched up. My wife and I have been enjoying quality time together and have also had some good times with our parents. I’m thinking about how thankful I am for my family and how this stupid disease has brought us all closer. I’m thinking about others who have this disease and I want to bring them into the healing presence of this network. This social network is a healing place. It is a place for us to extend our family’s determination into the world. It is a just cause to end suffering. Anyway, I haven’t gotten enough sleep and I’m about to collapse so I’ll make this quick.

I’ve found a couple of Crohn’s blogs that deserve some attention. Please read Chaz’s full story. I’ve summarized his pre-diagnosis story here.

Before his diagnosis –
Chaz is heading to a work conference when his first flare up happens. He is on a plane with his wife and friends. He keeps returning to the bathroom to go, but nothing comes. “I thought my stomach was about to explode.” He tells his wife that he feels like a golf ball has been shoved up his butt. He ends up remaining in the bathroom when the “return to your seats light” comes on and a male steward opens the door on him. He is forced back to his seat. He tries to go several times after they land. He can’t. At the conference he cannot sit down because he feels like he will crap his pants. He waits in pain for it to end. They catch the same plane back home and he does his best to avoid the restroom where the male steward, “visually violated him.” While moaning with his head on his wife’s lap like another passenger pries into the situation telling Chaz to “quit being a big baby.” He holds back his anger and doesn’t remember if he then slept or passed out.

His early experiences with his doctor are a joke. He doesn’t get to a gastroenterologist until after another trip out of town. After his second travel experience, a gastroenterologist diagnosis him with a “Spastic Colon” because of the way his colon was “spazing out and contracting and making him think that I had to go to the bathroom.” He gets medication for the problem and then goes on vacation to Guatemala. While there he experiences a kind of diarrhea unlike anything he has ever had. It appears that fruits and vegetables are not digesting.

He is finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after sending in a stool sample and getting a colonoscopy.
He explains his condition simply, “Crohn’s is a disease that effects the digestive tract of the body. The body thinks that I have an infection so it constantly fights my colon, because of this my colon is swollen and can not function properly. This in turn gives me diarrhea 24/7. Since those days 5 years ago, I have had diarrhea everyday.”

I highly recommend that you check out the rest of his blog. He explains the pain eloquently.

Also take a look at
This guy Alec is a true warrior. He was diagnosed at 28 and has used diet to end his Crohn’s. I’m definately going to take a tip from him.
Also, show support by joining his facebook group. I thought about starting one but why reinvent the wheel when someone has pretty much the same goal as me and has already started one. His group is about:

1) sharing diet or other approaches that help people cure or dramatically improve their Crohn’s
2) it’s for people who want to learn from these diets and approaches.