The Snake

(Featured the original “Crohn’s End” blog: Daniel’s stay in the hospital during his recovery from an emergency surgery due to a ruptured intestine.)

Before this attack I was free from pain and misery. I was eating well, but not perfectly. I was cycling regularly. I really had a lot of energy. Yes, I had Crohn’s, but what did it matter? My life was too awesome to worry about this so-called Crohn’s disease.

The medication was working. Although, it wasn’t passing the test. The test was to subdue years of scarred small intestines. It is difficult to make scars go away. Especially one’s you can’t even see. The medicine didn’t even know how to do it anyway. My condition was far too complex a maze for it to navigate. It did what it could. It helped rebuild my strength. It helped me with my appetite and so I gained some weight. It made me feel normal again. It couldn’t figure out how to turn back time. It couldn’t figure out how to stop the snake.

I am glad that I now miss 2 feet of small intestine. The snake has been removed; The snake that held me back in time. It was a venomous snake that proved it could defeat my medicine. It is now gone. I am going to give myself another injection. The medicine will return, and this time it will bring the strength of nutrition.