Welcome Everyone!


I can’t express how excited I am to be opening the doors on this website for my new documentary, WANTED: Crohn’s End. Both Daniel and I have been working hard on making this a website for people who want to learn more about the documentary. We’ll blog about how the production is going, our thoughts and feelings about it. We’ll also blog about Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, conventional and alternative healthcare.

The site will include research we are collecting on Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, their conventional and alternative treatments. Ultimately, we hope this information will help people with Crohn’s or UC to overcome their disease.

This week has been difficult for several friends of mine. They all have Crohn’s disease and they are all dealing with unimaginable amounts of pain from bowel obstructions. Two of them have surgery scheduled for this August and a third is reviewing their options.

I dedicate this documentary to the bravest fucking people on this planet. Through all the bullshit people with Crohn’s and Colitis deal with on a daily basis, they soldier on. Sometimes even with a smile on their face and faith that tomorrow will be a better day. That tomorrow will provide new answers and options for healing.

Let tomorrow come. Let tomorrow be today. Welcome to WANTED: Crohn’s End.

It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.
-Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady (1933 – 1945)

Warm regards,
-Reid Bryant Kimball