Wishing Jason Well

Quick note to let everyone know that our good friend, Jason Leitman of the Crohn’s Disease Support Network had surgery on Monday morning to have a resection, remove scar tissue and adhesions, fix a fistula, and remove his gallbladder.

Jason’s a brave guy and has battled with Crohn’s disease for years, having had multiple surgeries before the age of 30. He’s even started a non-profit (no 501c3 yet) social support organization, his first ever. Doing something new always takes guts. His CDSN now has nearly 700 members, if not more!

Despite his bravery, he wrote to me on Skype saying, he was nervous going into surgery.

When no one had heard from him late into the day on Monday, I began to worry. Tuesday morning arrived and still no word. I asked friends of his and retweeted other’s tweets asking if anyone knew he was OK and waited.

Surgery on the intestines is no easy matter. All kinds of complications can go wrong, even the spillage of intestinal waste that gets into areas of the body where it shouldn’t and cause infection. Heck, surgeons have even left their tools inside by accident! Not having heard from Jason had my imagination running.

Then like an action hero who we all thought was down and out a moment ago, Jason burst through the twitter-sphere proclaiming,

I am alive – one day post surgery and I HURT but overall doing well. Thanks everyone for all the support +++++++++++++++++++OXOOOOOXOO

Whew! Here’s hoping Jason has a quick recovery. Daniel also sent his get-well-wishes on our Gut Smart blog.