Healing Chant’s Vocals Visualized

I needed to see and hear this tonight. My GI system is all fubar’d right now.

Awakening …A Navajo Healing Chant Cymatic from Jeremy Pfeiffer on Vimeo.

I had lunch today at a restaurant when I didn’t want to, but given that we had someone interview for a job, I kind of had to keep him company and treat him right. Problem is, treating him right means treating me wrong. I explained to the waiter about my dietary needs but that didn’t make a difference. Eugene, OR prides itself in eating healthy but fucking christ the restaurants in town DO. NOT. FUCKING. GET. IT.

Fuck ’em.

I’m never eating in a Eugene, OR restaurant again.

You think I enjoy cutting off telephone conversations with my long distance friend? And then running to the bathroom, unbuckling my belt while I try to pull my pants down at the same time? And then the real fun of that feeling of a baby trying to come out my ass? Especially the kind of baby that is covered in razor blades?

People ask me, “Why does the documentary name only reference Crohn’s disease?” Because I have it and…

WANTED: Crohn’s End (so we can cure it)

WANTED: Crohn’s End (so I can fucking kick its ass, like it has mine)