Traveling SCD Style – Day 1

This morning I met with my Naturopathic doctor to go over my blood test results. I can see why doctors spend so many years in school. Blood tests can be really difficult to interpret. It’s all numbers that point to possible indicators of what’s going on inside our bodies. It’s like looking at deer tracks in the forest and trying to measure the distance of each step to determine if the deer is constipated or not.

My test shows it’s possible I have active inflammation my body. It’s no big deal since I do fine as long as I stick to my Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Last Thursday showed what happens when I accidentally go off and five hours later I had diarrhea. I stuck to my diet, didn’t have a bowel movement for 24hrs and when it finally happened, it was solid.

My doctor had me check if I’m taking enough Cod Liver Oil. It’s an anti-inflammatory liquid supplement. I am taking the recommended dosage, but I could double it if I wanted. There’s no risk of toxicity doing that. We’ll wait until I get my stool test results back before making any other changes. It’s hard to justify making changes when I feel fine but a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper may or may not mean one thing or another.

But the fact that the test says there might be active inflammation doesn’t calm my fears. As I write this I am beginning a very hectic two week trip across the country to do three or more interviews with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis patients. I’m also excited to attend a good friend of mine’s wedding! I’m not so excited about being away from home and my kitchen full of SCD legal foods.

I shouldn’t worry so much because I can tell restaurants what I need to eat. But with active inflammation, as the lunch I had last Thursday proved to me, one mistake can send me rushing to the bathroom in pain. If I feel any risk at all of that happening, I’ll starve myself before I eat something. It doesn’t make sense to waste money on food that will only exit as undigested waste anyway.

Today, I had a late afternoon flight and ate my breakfast and lunch at home. I had my afternoon snack of almond muffin and handmade fruit roll. I packed a dinner of stir-fry veggies (carrot, onion, cucumber & shiitake) cooked in olive oil as my dinner and took a probiotic.

My energy level has been great all day, despite not getting good sleep last night. My gut feels very calm, so I anticipate no problems. Tomorrow, could be a different story as I begin living out of hotel rooms.

I’ll keep updating this blog with how I feel and how I am living the SCD lifestyle on the road, while I interview people to share their amazing stories of healing themselves from Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.