Weekend Update #2


Wow, it’s September already? No fair. Anyway, I wanted to update everyone what’s been going on in the production of the documentary.

In the past two weeks since my last blog post, I’ve been talking to more people who have overcome or are currently on their way to overcoming their Crohn’s and Colitis. These aren’t people who found a magic pop-a-pill-cure, but people who took control of their health and worked their asses off to detox their mind, body and spirit, changed their diet and lifestlye. Now, most of them are medicine free and leading amazing lives. So many are overjoyed to have their lives back they are helping others to do the same anyway they can. These people are truly inspiring and make working on this documentary all the more rewarding for me personally.

I’ve also been working on a trailer. It’ll be the first official trailer for the film and word from Daniel and Ashley is that it’s coming along really well. I shouldn’t talk much about it because I haven’t yet received permission to use the song that is featured in the second half. If I don’t get permission, no trailer. That will be a huge heart break for me because I’ve put so much time into it and I really like it.

Oh, Ashley? She’s my new videographer that I hired and she’s doing a great job. In fact, today she filmed me running so I could put it into the trailer I mentioned above. Footage came out perfect and slotted into the gap of my trailer really well.

Assuming I don’t make another update within a couple of weeks, I might as well talk about what’s coming up. I have an interview scheduled with Jini Patel Thompson on September, 28th. Then on October 2nd I am attending a wedding of a very good friend of mine. I still need to schedule this, but I hope on my home I will interview a mother and her son regarding their use of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The son, 14, is now off all meds last I heard.

I also want to write a post briefly describing the various diets that people have used to heal from Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. They often are the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, Macrobiotic lifestyle, Jini Patel Thompson’s IBD Remission diet and the Maker’s Diet. After that initial diet intro post, I want to bring in guest bloggers who will talk about what they did to use their diet of choice to overcome their disease. This ought to give you a series of posts full of first hand information and help you decide which diet and lifestyle is right for you.

Though, the more I read about these diets, the more I realize that choosing a diet is not just about what food you eat. It is inherently a choice about what kind of lifestyle you want to live.

Speaking of food…
SCD Almond/Pecan Muffin w/Coconut Oil
This is SCD Almond and Pecan flour muffin with raw & organic coconut oil as my frosting. Tonight was the first time I tried using coconut oil as a substitute for frosting and damn is it good! There are always wonderfully tasty and more healthy substitutes for food that people usually have with the SAD (Standard American Diet).