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WANTED: Crohn’s End – Traveling SCD Style Last Day from Reid Bryant Kimball on Vimeo.

Sorry for the ranting and rambling and adult language.

I recorded this video last night when my diarrhea started. It was the worst I’ve had probably since I started on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet in 2004.

I fly home from Silver Spring, MD to Eugene, OR today. It will be a very long day of travel, I’m up at 6:30a now, won’t get home until 9p likely.

I’m kind of afraid to eat anything. I even have some Clementines in my little mini-fridge but not sure if that will exacerbate my diarrhea. Same with my OJ. I’ll be taking probiotics for sure. I think my goal for today is to eat as little as possible, even to the point of starving. I’d rather starve than eat something and have more diarrhea.

  • Max

    This info is very depressing for me. After 6 years on the scd diet you are still having this stuff happening to you? I am beginning to think the doctors may be right that it isn’t curable like leprosy or something.

    I just started the scd diet about 3 weeks ago and haven’t had any change of my ‘UC” diarrhea but I thought after a few months to a year for sure I would get my internals healed enough to go back to a normal diet and not have to go to the bathroom every half hour like usual. But after seeing you being on it for 6 bloody years and still suffering like this I don’t know where else to go.

    The scd diet is the last thing that I had not tried, and I was so hopeful it would work. I really hope it will, I can’t take this diarrhea anymore, I can’t live a normal life anymore.

    sorry to bother you, I really hope you get better. I hope your documentary brings us all some solution which will never come from the medical profession as there is no money for them in a food based cure.

  • Max, in my opinion Crohn’s and UC are too complex to be completely healed through diet alone. SCD can only get you part way there. Some people get closer than others. If you are feeling down reading/watching this update please don’t. I am convinced I will find an answer. There’s so much out there to try and I believe in the fundamental principle that our bodies can heal. The trick is to figure out where the damage is and how to heal it.

    Don’t ever think that SCD is your only last hope, there’s always something else to try.

    I’m learning that it takes a lot of supplements too. I used to get extremely painful bowel obstructions and using certain supplements have most definitely cured me of those.

    I’ve given the idea of going back on a “normal” diet much thought and my decision is to not do it, at least on a permanent basis. The more I look at the Standard American Diet, aka SAD (which I assume you meant when you said “normal diet”) the more I believe it’s not really food and more like poison.



    This isn’t to say you are eating Twinkie’s everyday, but if you look at the ingredients the book covers, a lot of those are found in all kinds of processed foods, which is the bulk of the SAD.

    Anyway, I’m doing great these days, back on SCD, trying other supplements to heal the root cause.

    As for you, SCD takes time, Please give it at least a month. I hope you are tracking your health, especially mental state, energy level and bowel movements. Even if you aren’t 100%, you should watch for and celebrate any kind of improvements with SCD and continue with it.

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