Promotion for Film & Fundraiser

It’s been one week since I launched the Kickstarter fundraising campaign on Oct. 17th, 2010 for WANTED: Crohn’s End and so far we’ve raised $310.00 out of the total $10,550.00 that we must at least reach. If we are to receive any money at all, we can’t raise any less than $10,550. If we raise more, we get to keep that, minus the fees.

I and my buddy Jay Baluk (also interviewed in the film) been working hard to promote the film and the need for money as far and wide as possible. Here’s a look at many of the promotion pieces that friends of mine (and other interviewees) have posted on various blogs. If you’d like me to write a piece for your blog community, introducing what the film is about and why funding is needed I’ll be happy to do that for you. Or you can send me something you’ve written and we’ll work together to make sure the messaging is accurate and consistent with the below.

Thanks go out to everyone who’s helped me by spreading the word through your blog posts, facebook and twitter updates. I know they’re working because many of the donations received have come from people I do not know personally, which is really cool to see.

Please keep up the wonderful work and let’s keep momentum building as we head towards Dec. 8th. We have about seven weeks left and roughly $1,463.00 to raise each week to reach our goal. Be on the lookout for a trailer that will knock your socks off. It’s our hope this trailer will spread like wildfire and really energize people.