Traveling SCD Style – Day 6

Traveling SCD Style – Day 06 from Reid Bryant Kimball on Vimeo.

On day 6 I had breakfast at a cafe style place, a veggie omelet and fruit salad. Whether it was the drinking the night before or the food, I don’t know, but my stools were getting looser and later that day was the big wedding. My friends and I found out there was a back exit in the church near where I’d be standing just in case I needed to run out for the bathroom while the bride and groom were saying “I do”. It was weird to think that I might have to do that.

Before the wedding, I had lunch at the hotel I stayed in and it was excellent. I tried to order a chicken breast meal but it came with so many extras it got confusing for the waiter what I could or couldn’t have. So I made it easy and said just give a burger, med rare and veggies. I didn’t want the burger at first because it’s high in fat and could make my bowel issues worse.

It was delicious though and for the rest of the day I was fine. Drinking water was key I believe.

For dinner I ended up only being able to eat salad at the wedding. After the wedding reception and a small party, I was pretty wasted and got very hungry when I returned to my hotel room and ate a chunk of my pecan bread and an almond muffin.

Then I passed out.