How many backers can we get?

In less than 8 hours, at 12am PST or 3AM EST Dec. 8th the fundraiser on for my documentary will end. It will end having met and exceeded my goals! In two months we raised at least $10,940!

Kickstarter Fundraiser Graph

Don’t ask me why, but the fact that it took 130 people means a huge deal to me. The number is impressive to me. A few months ago, I spoke with the director of True Guts, I think the very first documentary about Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. He painted a bleak picture for me, saying raising money was going to be near impossible and that no one really wants to see a film about these bowel conditions.

He was right that people don’t want to watch a film about people suffering from bowel conditions. What he didn’t know was that people are hungry for a film that can offer practical solutions and help people regain control of their lives!

I’m setting a new goal. I want to see the number of backers rise. It’s not about the money anymore. It’s about creating awareness and making a statement that there is a demand for this film AND the solutions within it.

If you can donate $1 dollar, that’s all that is needed to throw your name into the ring of fire. Everyone that gets into that ring of fire will be blazing a new trail that will tell the world we’re tired of synthetic drugs that suppress our body’s ability to heal.

We’re tired of the drug side effects being worse than the disease.

We’re tired of the disease returning even after they’ve cut us open and taken our our intestines!

We’re tired of doctors being condescending to us when we ask about diets!

We’re taking back our power to heal and we’re going to overcome our digestive condition whether they are with us or not!

All doners get credited in the film equally, so don’t be shy!