SCD Lifestyle Podcast

Hi everyone,

I spoke with Steve and Jordan of SCD Lifestyle ( last night about my own story of healing from Crohn’s disease, why I started the documentary and this kickstarter fundraiser.

I had a great time talking with them, please have a listen here:

Here’s the timeline of what we discussed:
:55 Reid shares his unbelievable story

7:45 How did you get into film after battling Crohn’s?

9:55 How did you get the inspiration for the film?

14:14 Wanted: Crohn’s End – how did the film come about?

16:00 What is the goal of this film?

19:45 What have you learned about alternative treatments?

22:45 How are you funding this project to get it done?

25:00 Here’s how we can support Reid’s film

29:20 Here’s what cool stuff Reid has in store for people that can support the project

32:40 The reason the documentary is so important for the Digestive Disease Community