We did it!

A quick post to let everyone know the fundraiser on Kickstarter.com was successful!

I had several people including my parents say that on the eve of the fundraiser ending it felt like an election night. We were refreshing the page, watching the total dollar amount creep up towards $10,550.

I checked my email all day and night because nearly every email was from Kickstarter.com telling me a new pledge was made. When I was $20 dollars away from my goal I saw my email notification icon appear but I didn’t bother to check it, instead I refreshed the fundraiser page and saw the total surpassed my goal. Just then my good friend Eric called and we celebrated together on the phone.

It’s hard to believe I accomplished my goal because I had never raised any amount of money before, let alone 10 grand. I’m so thankful for all the support. People really busted their ass to tell their friends, families and communities. It just goes to show me that we shouldn’t ever limit ourselves and other people. You never know what you are capable of if you just try and ask for help along the way. That’s why it bugs the crap out of me when doctors tell someone their disease is incurable.

Anyway, now the fun part begins and I need to decide how best to use the money raised to make the best film possible.