A Cure for Ulcerative Colitis? Part 2

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In part 1, I gave some background on what ulcerative colitis is and why it may be due to a bacterial infection rather than an autoimmune disease as commonly believed. In this second part, I will discuss a radical, unknown treatment that could potentially cure ulcerative colitis patients using stool samples from people in order to get all the trillions of bacterial microbiota necessary for health.

Fecal Transplants

Fecal transplants are like if we took a chunk of the Amazon rainforest and planted it on… Mars with the hope of creating a second Earth. In the rainforest there are millions of life forms; insects, birds, reptiles, plants, fungi, bacteria and more. It’s estimated that 50% of the world’s plant and animals species live in the Amazon rainforest. It is so essential to the health of the planet it has been called the “lungs” of the Earth.

All life in the Amazon live within a single interconnected and sometimes symbiotic ecological system. The major threat to the health of that ecological system is us, thanks to deforestation.

Sadly, the same is true of our intestinal microbiota ecological system. It is interconnected, with many trillions of bacterial species living symbiotically with each other and our bodies.

And just like the Amazon, its greatest threat comes from us and our overuse of antibiotics.

Once that microbiota is decimated, millions, possibly billions of microbiota species become extinct, never to return. Disease erupts and the system, the human body, begins to collapse. It’s only hope of fully recovering is to transplant a healthy intestinal microbiota into the destroyed one. Then the balance is restored and life flourishes once more.

Extremely Promising Research Results

A pioneering doctor in Australia named Dr. Thomas Borody [8] has been doing studies with fecal transplants and is achieving remarkable results. In a study written by him, he stated, “Colonic infusion of donor intestinal flora can reverse UC in selected patients. These anecdotal results support the concept of abnormal bowel flora or even specific, albeit unidentified bacterial pathogen causing UC.” [9]

Six patients were treated and followed up between thirteen to one year after treatment and all six remained disease free proven by colonoscopies. He further states that this treatment, if the results hold for many years in these patients ought to be considered a first treatment option and a cure.

Two patients were evaluated at twelve and thirteen years post treatment showing no sign of ulcerative colitis. I have to ask, at what point does one consider this to be a cure? If twelve and thirteen aren’t long enough, is it fourteen years? Twenty? Are we going to wait until more research is done, while many with digestive conditions suffer daily?

No, because many people can’t wait decades for research to prove what many of us already believe to be the cause and solution.

Last October I visited Matt Robinson in the Washington, DC area to film him for my documentary. He told me about his early successes with using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and a controversial aloe vera + Imodium protocol to combat his ulcerative colitis. Since I last visited him, his health has improved, but he’s not looking for baby step improvements. He wants a full fledged cure.

This week he started a new treatment protocol. That’s right, he will attempt to infuse his colon with a friend’s probiotic ecology in the hopes that he can cure himself of ulcerative colitis. This Thursday, I am flying to revisit and interview Matt Robinson while he undergoes this radical, ground breaking treatment. For the time being, he has started blogging a journal about his experiences with the protocol [10] so far. He’s in phase one and I will see him when he starts phase two.

I hope you are as excited as Matt and I are.

If you would like more info about this treatment, see the Sources links below 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

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  • Wow, that is really interesting stuff. Ive followed a lot of advancements with probiotics and take many straines myself but have never heard of anything like this. Wonder if it would work with the more advanced condition of Crohn’s Disease.

    • I want to find this out too. I’m trying to get in touch with Dr. Borody. Will update when I can.

      • Tracey Milburn

        Mr. Kimball, I have been in touch with Dr. Borody’s facility in Australia. I even sent all of my son’s medical records in an attempt to get him there for this cure. That was 2 years ago and Dr. Borody has yet to ever respond to my emails, my phone calls or requests to have my son (now 20 yrs old) visit his clinic. We want this ‘cure’ for our son. He is tired of the U.S. physicians refusing to do this treatment and none are willing to even consider testing our donor. I wish you all the luck in the world and I pray your film will inspire and help others! We are so desperate for a cure. We don’t know how or why our son got this disease, there is no genetic predisposition in our family. The only thing we can even think of is that when he was little, we visited Florida and all 3 of my children (at that time all 3 very small, under 4 yrs old) and my husband contracted Giardia. So we think that might have had something to do with it.

        Anyway, please keep this site updated. It’s been a year since you made a post and I want to know how the filming went and the results for your friend.

        Kindest Regards, Tracey

        • Tracy, I got your email and will reply to that more fully than here.

          I’m sure we can find your son a doctor who will help with the treatment.

  • Dear sir ,
    My sister is suffering from ulcerative colitis (oozing of blood from colon for the last 10 months
    .She under medication
    But that is not controlled. She is about to undergo Surgery (elimination of colon)
    plz suggest and advice

    Reply soon Sir

  • about to undergo Surgery (elimination of colon)

    DON”T DO IT.

    Make her chicken soup and scd diet food for her, she can’t do it by herself, or hire someone to come in there every day and bring the food.

    Try high doses of glutamine every day and night between meals, like 5000mg which equals a couple tsp or so.

    Get Slipperly Elm inner bark root powder from a herb store and make tea with it and make her drink that 3+ times per day.

    Give her 500mg-1000mg of magnesium citrate per day.

    no dairy, no sugar, no nuts, no eggs. modified scd diet.

    Once you cut out your colon you will be a slave of the state for the rest of your life. Never give up, just try new methods and don’t give up on them so easily.

  • I sent Dhruva an email with some of the same information. Thanks for adding your suggestions “DON’T DO IT”. 🙂

    No nuts is a good one I missed and glutamine.

    Yeah, once you have a colon taken out, you need b12 injections and you go to the bathroom 8 – 10 times a day and its never solid, for the rest of your life. So, the only way I would recommend that is if you are close to death.

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  • Citrus food is not good for the ulcerative colitis .One’s should not take a citrus food rich diet in daily routine. It also imbalances the vita and pitta doshas