My body, the guru

It’s funny how the world works sometimes…

My psyche listens better than my ears.

My body speaks louder than my voice.

It is clear now that no amount of using diet and supplements will completely heal me if I ignore the toll stress puts on my body. It’s been a stressful day and despite all my efforts I had some diarrhea just now and I need to leave for tonight’s event. I must be ready to begin this new psyche healing because I no longer feel stress. I’ll leave and whatever happens will happen.

It’s unfortunate it’s taken so long for me to hear what my body has been saying all these years, but like a master guru, it has never ending patience for it knows the student will eventually come around when the time is right. That time is now.

Synchronistically (new word invented), tonight’s event is about GAPS and the brain-gut connection. I’ve toyed with healing the psyche, using Emotional Freedom Techniques, but I need to be more serious about it.

I just need to know where to start.

How do I find peace within myself when there is little peace outside myself?