Sudden Flash of Insight

I never understood why a stem cell treatment would work for curing Crohn’s disease. The idea is that the immune system is malfunctioning, so just tear the fuckin’ thing down and rebuild it from scratch, with stem cells.

In my opinion, Crohn’s is not because the immune system is malfunctioning for no reason, but rather it is constantly trying to fight a chronic infection it can’t get rid of. I see and hear of so many people who overcome both Crohn’s and colitis through healing protocols that ultimately deal with changing the gut bacterial ecology that I don’t believe it’s because of anything else, like genetics or a faulty wiring in the immune system.

I once heard of a guy who found his Crohn’s went into remission after using Methotrexate. I didn’t bother to look up the drug at the time as I had other things of higher priority and because my documentary is about alternative non-drug treatments.

A few weeks ago, a co-worker told me his father has Crohn’s and it went into remission after he had chemotherapy.

Then the other night, I found a forum discussion in which someone else said chemotherapy and Methotrexate helped put the disease in remission.

While reading tonight, I suddenly had a flash of insight as to maybe why the stem cell treatments work in some patients. Care to guess what they use to force the body to release stem cells?


Just now I quickly looked up Methotrexate and it is in fact a chemotherapy drug. It’s not the stem cells that are curing Crohn’s, it’s the chemotherapy! It further confirms my belief that Crohn’s is a bacterial or viral infection of some kind. Whatever is in chemotherapy is powerful enough to destroy it.

To be absolutely clear, I am not suggesting one use Methotrexate as it can have very serious life altering side effects. It’s just another piece of evidence supporting my theory.