Geoff’s Experience with Mind/Body Healing

I want to direct you all to please read Geoff Curtis’ powerful story about his personal emotional journey at Green Angel Gardens.

I interviewed Geoff last week and you can see him the Save Green Angel Gardens video I posted earlier this week and embedded below for convenience.

What most don’t know is that he and I do many of the same healing regimens, like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet mixed with principles from Paleo and The Maker’s diets. We do yogurt, take vitamin D, have both done colloidal silver and more.

The only difference is that he is much more experienced in using mind healing techniques than I am.

He and I both ate dinner this past Saturday, April 9th at the same restaurant and had the same exact meal. Which one of us do you think had diarrhea, while the other was fine?

An hour later, I was the one that had diarrhea. I can remember thinking to myself, doubting that the food was going to be SCD legal and when tasting it, I thought to myself that it was bad, I didn’t like the texture of it. Meanwhile, Geoff stayed positive and thankfully didn’t have any symptoms. The car ride back would have sucked with two pairs of pants full of shit! *laughs*

Geoff’s experience tells me how powerful healing the mind and our emotional blocks can be.

But don’t take my word for it, read Geoff’s post.