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This week I am traveling to Green Angel Gardens, a farm in Long Beach, WA. Because my documentary is about healing from digestive conditions using alternative medicine, you might be asking yourself, “What does a farm have to do with your documentary?”


Despite having Crohn’s disease, I have been medicine free since 2007. Looking at my calendar today marks the 30th day in a row without any symptoms of Crohn’s. No diarrhea and no abdominal pain.

The diarrhea and pain were a daily occurrence for close to 8 years, until I started a new “healthstyle” called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I don’t call it a diet because it is so much more to me.

It’s part health regimen and part lifestyle. Since 2004, with all of the fantastic results I’ve seen with my body, it’s opened up my mind to ask some serious questions about our health care system in the United States and the role that food plays in our healing from diseases.

As I learned which foods to eat while on SCD, I saw I did better with organic, locally grown food. One day I had an epiphany and realized that all of my food came from a farm and not a factory. My respect and love for the environment grew even stronger.

It was the earth that was healing me, not man’s inventions; those only brought stress, tears and pain.

Farms have been integral in my healing journey and I know it has for many others. Geoff Curtis is currently working at Green Angel Gardens and has Ulcerative Colitis. He believes the land has the ability to heal him.

Unfortunately, that land is being threatened right now due to foreclosure from their bank. In recent years, because of the massive recession, teetering on depression at times, farms all across the United States have been vanishing.

According the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Agriculture website, today there are about 2.1 million farms. In 1935, there were 6.8 million farms. This is a significant drop. This table shows the downward trend from 1990 through 2007.

I personally find this devastating. There are people in this country who don’t have access to locally grown, healthy food and yet it just might be the medicine they need to overcome their digestive condition. Their medicine is vanishing and they don’t even know it.

I’m looking forward to talking with Larkin Stentz, the owner of Green Angel Gardens and Geoff Curtis about what farms mean to the American people and their healing journey’s.

In the meantime, if you would like to help there are several ways you can:

  1. Donate $25 to help Green Angel Gardens raise $9,000 before April 15th, date of foreclosure. You can read this post about their need and this update about the event. Donations are accepted via their PayPal link, found on the right side bar of their website.
  2. Visit and to find locally grown, organic food in your area. Visit your farmers and let them know you care about the important work they are doing by spending your hard earned dollars to get your food from them. They will thank you and so will your body, 🙂
  3. Please share this post with your own friends, family, co-workers via email, Twitter, Facebook and so on
  4. Are you located near the Oregon-Washington border? Come down to the fundraiser event this weekend, April 9th (details). It would be wonderful to meet you!
  • “Despite having Crohn’s disease, I have been medicine free since 2007. ”

    Dude, I think you are hiding stuff sometimes maybe out of embarrasment? because on another post you said “I am still taking Pentasa”. Pentasa almost killed me and I have never taken anything like other UC drugs as I refuse to do so. I don’t want to end up with brain cell damage or eye damage, deterioration, common side effects of prednisone, etc..

  • Hey Elmer,

    Might want to link to the post you are referring to so that others can see your evidence.

    I’m calling you out on this directly because I know I’ve spoken the truth and haven’t taken Pentasa since 2007. I never said, “I am still taking Pentasa.”

    Please show me where I said that before.

  • Sorry man, I didn’t realize that it was a comment post on one of your articles and it seemed like your timeline but I overlooked it was written by someone else, in that post called:

    My Timeline of Healing from Crohn’s Disease

    2005 – Asked my GI doc if I could go stop taking Pentasa since I was feeling so great on SCD. He said no. I continued to take it.

    Weight ? Guessing 135 lbs.

    2007-2010: …. “Now? I’m still taking Pentasa, and waiting for the Fistula to be cleared up”

  • Not a problem Elmer, thanks for clearing this up. Have a fantastic weekend, 🙂

  • This reminds me, I’m thinking of changing the comment system here. I’d like to see more participation and think an improved commenting system will help.