Help Save Green Angel Gardens

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Green Angel Gardens in Long Beach, WA is a rare gem in the world of farms. It’s more than just a simple farm. It’s an organic, sustainable living oasis that has the tools needed to help many like Geoff Curtis heal from diseases.

I had a wonderful time visiting the farm’s owner, Larkin Stentz and Geoff Curtis who came to the farm looking for a place to help him heal from his Ulcerative Colitis. He found exactly what he was looking for, peace, food and a lot of healing.

Unfortunately, the very same banks the American public bailed out to keep the economy going are now threatening to foreclose on Green Angel Gardens this April 15th, 2011.

We can’t let this special healing farm be taken away. Please consider being a Green Angel by donating at

I was so inspired by what I felt while on the farm, I produced this video over the past two days showing what makes this place so special.

FUN FACT! Green Angel Gardens is 15 minutes away from Astoria, Oregon, the same town featured in the classic film The Goonies, about a family fighting to save their home from foreclosure.

  • a wonderful tribute, thanks for your creative insights.

  • My pleasure Larkin, 🙂

  • I’m praying you get the finances needed to keep your your haven for health open. Hospitals serve a purpose for emergencies, but they are are no place for the sick – the chronically ill – they don’t even let you sleep!!!

    Never give up on what you are doing, it is so very important – we all have much to learn about health. It can’t be found in a pill or imitation “food.”

    Thank-you for sharing the video, Reid. I love seeing the amazing efforts courageous people like Larkin (and yourself!) are doing to create positive change to help people live healthier, happier lives.

  • You’re welcome Tara, thanks for your help in sharing this video with others. Have a great rest of the week!