Update on Save Green Angel Gardens

I just got off the phone with Larkin Stentz of Green Angel Gardens and he shared with me some good news. But there are still some rough waters ahead. First, the good news!

The foreclosure process has been stopped by the banks! Larkin was able to raise $3,000 and the banks took that money as a down payment and to pay lawyer fees. They have created a monthly payback plan which is rather expensive so Larkin is still looking for $9,000. He’s talking with several people and evaluating different offers of help.

It’s great the foreclosure has been stopped, but the problem isn’t solved entirely. If you haven’t donated yet and still would like to help Larkin and Green Angel Gardens you can visit their website and click on the PayPal Donate button on the right hand side bar.

For those that have donated, your money absolutely helped stop the foreclosure and helped Larkin work out a new payment plan going forward. It feels great to see a community come together to help others.

The support I’ve received through Twitter, email and Facebook has been heart warming and made me tear up a few times. Thanks to everyone for your support! I can sense that people really want to see a place like Green Angel Gardens exist for those who want to heal from disease on their own terms, in a gentle and more loving way.

I’ve criticized the conventional medical system as being too violent in its approaches, too eager to cut out organs and poison the body with toxic chemicals and here’s a place that provides an alternative. No matter what happens in the future for Green Angel Gardens, it has left a profound impression on many people, including myself that won’t be forgotten.