GAPS – Day 17 (May 12th)

I’ll get straight to the point. Things are fantastic right now! I’ve experienced great improvements since Day 14. I am happy beyond description that I no longer have urgent diarrhea.

I started my probiotic mega-load on day 14 (May 9th). That day I had 5 bowel movements of diarrhea and then that night while sleeping I had 7 more bowel movements of diarrhea until the last one at 6:50a.

I did not sleep well at all, but I accepted every minute of it because I felt the probiotic mega-load was what I needed. I can’t explain it, except for being able to “listen to my gut”.

On day 15 (May 10th), I stopped taking probiotics, because the toilet paper was starting to feel like sand paper. To my surprise, by 1:45p I had my first solid bowel movement. On day 16 I did more probiotic mega-loading with my yogurt and took a break today (day 17).

This strategy of on/off use of probiotics seems to be working great for me. This morning was a regression to a small amount of unformed stool, but it wasn’t diarrhea. So I’m still feeling wonderful.

Natural healing is like that, take two steps forward and then one day it’s a step backward, but as long as you don’t panic and stick to the plan, you continually improve. The improvement happens in small increments, day by day, bit by bit and then one day you stop what you are doing and become totally immersed in the present moment and think to yourself, “Life is awesome right now compared to weeks and months ago!”

And that’s when you know… it’s the natural way of healing and life and you love every minute of it.