Ari Meisel Beats Crohn’s Disease

“Now it was my turn to take over.”

– Ari Meisel, in the hospital, dying from Crohn’s disease

The below video is a six minute TEDx East talk Ari Meisel gave in May, 2011. He talks about how Crohn’s disease nearly killed him and how when he tried different, effective, and alternative approaches he not only overcame Crohn’s, but no longer carries the diagnosis of having an “incurable” disease.

Very inspiring, please watch to learn what he did to achieve his awesome state of health. Like many I’ve interviewed, he feels healthier now than he did even before being diagnosed.

“What I’ve done is replicable, for other people and other illnesses… with the right tinkering, noodling, obsessing, we can overcome the insurmountable.”