GAPS – Day 50

I’m doing OK on GAPS in my opinion. I think other people would have a tough time with what I’m going through, but I’m very accepting of the roller coaster ride.

On Saturday night, I had an amazing and pretty darn sure GAPS legal meal with a friend of mine, but the next day I had three BM’s of D.

Then today, I had four unformed to very unformed and watery BM’s. But last night I started drinking Kefir and I’m hitting it pretty hard compared to how I should be drinking it. Kefir is a higher intensity probiotic beverage than I am used to drinking. I’m having herxheimer reactions which I think are not all that different from the “worm flu” symptoms people get when they infect themselves of Helminthic Therapy.

In Helminthic therapy, the intestinal parasites infect the intestines and the body’s immune system tries to flush them out by creating fevers and diarrhea. The Helminths then mature and are able to release chemicals that modualte the immune system and calm it down to stop the fevers and diarrhea.

The same immune modulation to keep the body from attacking the Helminths seems to also help put Crohn’s and Colitis into remission for many.

I believe the same thing happens with bacteria based probiotics (Helminths are parasite probiotics) that one doesn’t have enough of. The immune sys sees they are foreign, tries to kick them out, creating flu-like symptoms and diarrhea. But then if the person continues to introduce the beneficial bacteria into the body, the bacteria has a chance to modulate the immune system and make it stop trying to flush it out. I feel like my body is at that point now, beginning to accept the probiotics from the Kefir.

I hope that’s the case. I’m due to interview a patient and doctor in early July and I want my symptoms to be well controlled by then. That’s why I’m pushing it with the Kefir. I could go slow, but I feel like I’m running out of time to restore balance to my immune system.