GAPS – Day 52 & Blood Lab Results

Other than low energy in the late afternoon and as I write this (eyes are heavy) I felt great today. No pain, little to no gas, and one solid BM today early in the morning.

I really think Kefir is making a difference. My gut feels so calm. I was drinking a commercial brand, but tonight I have a batch that will finish fermenting in a few hours. I’m interested in seeing if it will be more potent.

I went over my labs with my Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Justin Morse, today and it shows that my inflammation is higher than last time. It’s not sky high to the point of worry, especially since I’m not feeling bad (other than occasional late afternoon, early evening tiredness), but it does mean my body is fighting something and inflammation should be reduced.

Options we talked about are Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and anti-inflammatory supplements like cat’s claw and something else, the name escapes me, but I got it on video.

He also told me about a food allergy test might show the inflammation is coming from food I’m eating.

I’ve been intrigued to take one for awhile even though they may not be 100% accurate. As I get older I realize nothing is 100% and perfect, so I agreed to do the food allergy testing next week (Friday).

I’m looking forward to it because I’ve pretty much eaten eggs every single day since 2004 and I’ll get a laugh if it says I’m highly reactive to them. I don’t get any noticeable negative reactions to them, but who knows, maybe they are causing systemic inflammation and should be eaten less.

I talked to Ari Meisel this morning, who I posted about earlier and am inspired to try yoga, he recommended Vinyasa or Anusara. That can help reduce inflammation I think.

I’m lucky I live in Eugene, OR. There appears to be at least 10 different yoga studios. Will try to find one that offers Vinyasa or Anusara and give it a shot.

I also want to start running again, I did that last summer and really enjoyed it. I don’t run endurance races like Matt Robinson or Ari Meisel, but I enjoy doing a quick 10 minute fast run to get outside and break a sweat.

Otherwise, b12, iron, ferratin, and vitamin d levels were all normal. In fact, my vitamin d levels were close to 90 ng/mL. According to the Vitamin D Council, at least 50 ng/mL is a good target.

That’s it for now.

Stay colonized my friends. :]