The Biopunk Manifesto

My friend and former Production assistant Daniel Durrant sent me a very interesting video titled “A Biopunk Manifesto”.

Maybe I have endorphin deficiency or some crap but I got teary eyed listening to this. The crowd response afterwards was meek, but inside I was cheering loudly. Meredith Patterson speaks of a vision where everyday citizens not only read science, but DO science. They make revolutionary discoveries that have profound impacts on the health of others.

Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Meade

Everyone has this right and no social or economic class is reason enough to deny the person from pursuing their chosen scientific investigation. It is grassroots, people-powered science and not commercial, corporate funded science that can provide the answers we desperately seek.

I see glimmers of this in those of us who are using alternative, effective treatments for our devastating digestive conditions. Corporate funded science is too slow to show whether probiotics can help, so we take it upon ourselves to experiment on our own bodies with helminths, fecal transplants and food based probiotics.

We keep track of all kinds of data and publish them online to anyone who wants to see how we are achieving lasting remission. Despite doctors telling us we’d be on medication for the rest of our lives, these effective and alternative approaches work so well most of us stop using medication.

Yet corporate science dismisses our hard earned results as “spontaneous remission”. We’re getting pissed off that valuable information is being ignored and so we organize blogs and websites and maybe even try to self-fund clinical trials.

Eventually, our voices are going to be heard loud and clear, because Biopunks are a force of change to come.

You can read the full manifesto instead of watching the video here.