IBD Talk 08.27.2011

What we eat is one of the most effective ways (aside from antibiotics) that we can change the diversity of microbes in our gut. Some foods don’t have live bacteria on it those also tend to be the ones that feed pathogenic bacteria. They can proliferate in our small bowel and cause all kinds of problems.

When one changes their diet to more natural food and not processed, the pathogenic bacteria can’t reproduce as much. Additionally, the probiotics from the food and commercial sources are free to have a greater impact on the health of the host.

You can read this full study by clicking on the Full Text (pdf) link on the right hand side bar: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2010/07/14/1005963107.abstract

IBD Talk are posts featuring the random online writings of director Reid B. Kimball as he talks to others about inflammatory bowel disease and the use of effective, alternative natural treatments for them.