IBD Talk 08.28.2011

I really wish there was an easy way, but there isn’t. Nothing worth doing was ever easy to do. Digestive conditions are so complex to heal from.

Would still like to know how eating home cooked meals with non processed food is radical. I always ask this question and I have yet to get a good answer. Which leads me to believe it’s not radical, but that people’s mindset prevents them from making the change and they blame it on the change being radical.

We forget our history, where we’ve come from and have adapted too quickly to modern society’s conveniences to realize that what we have today is radical, not what we had back then.

This was in response to a comment that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet are too radical for someone to use to heal from a digestive condition.

I see this comment made occasionally. It’s hard for me to understand these kinds of comments when I think about where we’ve come from in our evolutionary history, how we’ve eaten for millions of years and how these diets return us to our ancestral ways of eating healthy.

I also can’t understand these comments when compared to the conventional approaches of surgically removing parts of ones intestines and medications that can cause fatal cancers are deemed more appropriate as first in line treatment options.

To be clear, everyone has the right to choose their treatment option, radical or not. But saying that changing one’s diet is radical versus the conventional treatment approaches is hard for me to understand. That’s my point.

Stay colonized my friends,

– Reid B. Kimball

IBD Talk are posts featuring the random online writings of director Reid B. Kimball as he talks to others about inflammatory bowel disease and the use of effective, alternative natural treatments for them.