IBD Talk 09.02.2011

I get angry sometimes, as I’m sure you do that people can have insurance to take more drugs and get more surgeries that lead to more complications and more suffering, yet they cannot get the help that will help them have a better life.

Emily J. Butler, Certified Health Counselor

My good friend Emily makes a great point. I’ve been looking for individual health care and I found one that was cheaper than others, but did not allow coverage of naturopathic and chiropractic doctors.

That alone made the health care plan worthless to me and I opted to apply for another plan that does cover services from alternative care doctors, but at a higher cost. I’m lucky I can afford to do that.

Many are not that as fortunate as I and it’s true how chronically ill patients often do not have money to afford alternative health care doctors, treatments or even a switch to healthy food away from heavily subsidized corn, gluten and sugar infused industrial edibles that poison our bodies.

It’s a crime in my opinion that insurance companies slash the prices of highly toxic drugs that can cause cancer and fatal infections by the tens of thousands of dollars, so the patient can afford them, yet there is nothing that will shave off a few dollars for the treatments and real medicine (like organic food, pasture raised meat) that truly, unequivocally heals damage and returns people to health.

Stay colonized my friends,

– Reid B. Kimball

IBD Talk are posts featuring the random online writings of director Reid B. Kimball as he talks to others about inflammatory bowel disease and the use of effective, alternative natural treatments for them.