IBD Talk 09.07.2011

It takes strength and endurance to fight an enemy, but it takes courage to listen and learn from them.

– Reid B. Kimball

I often see people remarking about how they are fighting against their disease. For sure, there is an element of fighting, but I don’t believe in fighting against the disease. Maybe fighting to keep your spirits up and have a positive outlook, but no war against something that isn’t trying to fight you to begin with.

Diseases aren’t entities that hate us and want us to suffer. They are a collection of symptoms that the body has created as a way to communicate with us that something is wrong and needs to change.

Instead of fighting, I listen. When I do that, I learn more about myself than I knew possible.

Stay colonized my friends,

– Reid B. Kimball

IBD Talk are posts featuring the random online writings of director Reid B. Kimball as he talks to others about inflammatory bowel disease and the use of effective, alternative natural treatments for them.