IBD Talk 09.12.2011

Well, that’s not what the science says. People can be genetically predisposed to IBD, but there are countless cases of identical twins, who have the same exact genes and only one has IBD.

Additionally, in rat/mouse models of IBD, they bred the animals to have the genes that relate to IBD and when they were sterilized without any gut bacteria, they never got IBD. Clearly something else is going on.

IBD is complex and requires an interaction between host genetics, our microbiota (bacteria, yeast, viruses, etc), intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut) and environmental triggers (toxins, food, stress).

When you understand all the components, you can take action to remove the environmental triggers (usually food), heal the leaky gut and restore the microbiota. Many find amazing results with this multifaceted approach.

I wrote this in response to a person who said IBDs are all about genetics. There is nothing greater than this myth that I feel needs to be squash and eradicated forever and ever.

It seems to be the number one misconception about IBDs. Much like the hypothesis that Schizophrenia and other mental conditions are due to a “chemical imbalance in the brain”, it’s touted as fact and completely takes power away from patients controlling their outcome with IBD.

Once people understand the above, we may be able to prevent and eliminate IBDs for good.

IBD Talk are posts featuring the random online writings of director Reid B. Kimball as he talks to others about inflammatory bowel disease and the use of effective, alternative natural treatments for them.