IBD Talk 09.29.2011

RANT: Why the fuck do doctors say shit like, “This is your last option, there are no others left if ‘you fail’ on this.”

First, if a person is taking the treatment as directed and it doesn’t work, it’s not the people that fail, but the treatment.

Second, there are actually a tremendous amount of treatments for IBD that exist in the alternative world that doctors don’t even consider.

– paleo diet
– SCDiet
– GAPS diet
– probiotics
– fish oils
– digestive enzymes and aids
– helminthic therapy
– bacteriotherapy
– low-dose naltrexone
– medical marijuana
– tumeric
– cat’s claw
– bob beck protocol
– fever therapy
– glutamine

and many more.

Meds don’t often work for people because they are not treating the root cause of IBD, which by the way can be different for people! For me, I had several factors that contributed to my IBD, it was mostly poor diet and antibiotic overuse related. If you want to treat the root causes, look at your diet to see if it’s causing the inflammation (grains & sugar). If you’ve had a lot of antibiotics you’ll want to load up on probiotics. Then you’ll want treatments like Glutamine to heal your intestines.

If a doctor is giving up on you because you are too difficult to treat, don’t listen to them. Your body is doing what it needs to do. I have found success not fighting my disease, but listening to it. What does it tell me? It tells me I need to be my own best friend. I need to sleep early and well. I need to eat anti-inflammatory foods. I need to relax, meditate and have fun to keep stress low. Listening to my gut has been the best doctor I ever had.