Michael Pollan on Food System Reform

Michael Pollan has an optimistic piece [1] saying it is inevitable our food system will be reformed to favor real food and not disease causing foods, thanks to the rising cost of healthcare associated with eating highly processed sugars, carbs, starches, additives and so on.

In my experience both on a personal health level and in talking to hundreds of other patients with serious digestive conditions, food is one of the best ways to get a handle on many diseases and even achieve lasting remission.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not view diet being a major contributing factor to Crohn’s and colitis (yet for Celiac it is).

I have high confidence through the efforts of many who support SCD and GAPS, as well as my film exposing the truth, this will change in years to come.

There are several reasons food is so crucial to digestive conditions such as IBS, Celiac, Crohn’s and colitis.

  • Chemical Edibles (as I call them, just look at the ingredients) sold as “food” are completely sterile of lactic acid producing bacteria, which we need for health [2]. The more of this we eat, the less healthy bacteria we are adding to our intestines. Eventually, their numbers are so low they can’t protect against pathogens and their control of the immune system is lost [3].
  • The same fake food that is absent of beneficial bacteria is perfect food for feeding pathogenic bacteria and yeast [4].
  • Certain food can cause a condition called intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut) [5] which appears to be a large factor of many so called “autoimmune” conditions.

Switching to an inherently anti-inflammatory diet of food designed by nature before the advent of agriculture (no grains) and industrial era foods (no Twinkies), which ideally is local and organic vegetables, fruit and pasture raised meats is more expensive (in the short term) than eating laboratory designed food.

Patients often struggle to justify the increased costs, but that becomes easier once they see the benefits and realize their overall health costs are likely to plummet dramatically. But many are not that forward thinking and worry about paying the bills now.

Until food reform can stop subsidizing the poison and subsidize the real food, designed by nature, God, what have you, eradicating Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s and colitis will be an uphill battle that rival the streets of San Francisco.


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