Poem – Crazy IBD

I’m sorry I couldn’t stand to see you poison yourself.

A real friend would have stood by your side, even until you died.

It’s crazy how it’s OK to take drugs from corporate thugs, but to eat real food brings the heat.

Where’s my freedom to choose how to stop this bleedin’?

In my gut the pain is too deep for me to keep.

They all say I’ll turn blue if I do what I want to.

But I won’t hold my breath waiting for research to prove what I know in my heart is true.

It’s crazy with all this research there’s a ton of misinformation calling for the suppression of my immune system, my mind, body and soul descends towards disintegration.

What I know is that genetics is not fixed in stone and the responsibility is mine to own.

I know changing its expression is a lesson in how to live.

But as I learn to overcome, you slowly die and I had to leave to be in peace to cry.

One day, all this pain and shit will give way to a new day when we’ll have a greater say in the care of our IBD.

Stay Colonized,

– Reid B. Kimball