Medical Marijuana Access Threatened

Today I got my Oregon Driver’s license as part of the process for obtaining my Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) card.

A little more than a year ago, I was introduced to THC Oil, made from marijuana plants for the treatment of my Crohn’s disease. I did not enjoy the psychological high, but the therapeutic benefit on my intestines cannot be denied. It was beyond all of my expectations.

Just on a couple of drops of oil, I was able to eat whatever food I wanted for 5 days straight without any diarrhea or abdominal pain that I usually get due to my Crohn’s.

However, my and other patients access to medical marijuana is being seriously threatened and is already being actively taken away as I write this. Here’s a round up of some news stories that were released this week.

Oct. 5, 2011
Drug Enforcement Agency executing federal search warrant at Central Point farm

“Counting the previous raid, we now have 30 patients who will be without their medicine.”

Oct. 7, 2011
California pot shops ordered to shut down within 45 days

“The Associated Press said that a coordinated crackdown on the medical marijuana industry would be announced at a press conference on Friday.”

Oct. 7, 2011
U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill

“The strange thing is that the purchase of and smoking the marijuana while you’re there wouldn’t be illegal. But this law would make planning the wedding from the U.S. a federal crime.”

“The Controlled Substances Act also regulates the distribution of prescription drugs, so something as simple as emailing a friend vacationing in Tijuana some suggestions on where to buy prescription medication over the counter could subject a U.S. resident to criminal prosecution.”

This last one on the Smith bill is a helluva doozy and I’m lucky I didn’t have a blood vessel in my brain pop. If you engage in mental activities towards the physical act of buying and using marijuana in another country outside of the US, even if it’s legal there, you can be arrested. I didn’t believe it myself and even laughed because it was so ridiculous. If I understand right, it truly is a crime on your thoughts. Absurd!

I had to read the second quote several times to understand it. Say there is a drug available in the US, but only through a doctor’s prescription. Then in another country that drug is available over the counter. Now, if I help a friend obtain that drug in the other country, I could be arrested.

I really hope I have this wrong because it’s not a stretch to see this law soon applying to supplements if they are ever banned in the US, much like Mutaflor and Helminthic therapy have been banned by the FDA.

These issues are so serious and so important to me. I hope I can find a constructive way to fight back to ensure that patients like I can have access to the safer, cheaper and more effective alternative treatments.