What Inspires You to Feel Better?

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My friend Brandee of the Life After Crohn’s Facebook group asked a great question I’d like to pass on to you all.

Q: What inspires you to feel better?

I wrote:

“For me it’s about freedom. To travel, exercise, fall in love, be there for my friends and family. To live life to its fullest. To be self-reliant so I don’t put my health in the hands of a broken and corrupt disease care system. I did that once, and I am not doing it again.”

What about you? What inspires you to feel better?

  • I’m inspired by the pleasant feeling of gratitude. So many magical people in my life. Always encouraged that anything is possible. Letting go of fear and embracing new patterns is useful. So much stuff to learn that can help us heal.

    Nice post Reid. 🙂

  • Great comment Daniel. My desire to be self-reliant is largely out of fear. On one hand, I wish I could give up fear, but on the other hand, I think that specific fear is based on wisdom.

    There other fears I don’t need in my life. Have any tips or resources about how to embrace new patterns to overcome fear?