It Feels Like Tetris

Tetris FuckAmong my video game design colleagues is an Italian word we use often called “fiero”. It describes the sudden rush of happiness we feel when we triumph over adversity.

Many of us have experienced fiero while playing Tetris. You are struggling to keep the stack from building, all hope seems lost, but then suddenly you get a lucky streak of exactly the right pieces and WHAM! BAM! CA-CHING! The stack is drastically reduced and you throw your hands up in the air, yelling with excitement!

And then the stack builds up again, forcing you to hurriedly return to the game.

This whole thing that I’ve been doing since 2004 feels like a game of Tetris to me.

The IBD Healing Journey is like a game of Tetris because before you can fit that long straight block in the perfect spot for a big score, you need another shape to clear rows above.

But until you can clear the space above, the empty space down below is screaming to be taken care of. You fantasize about how much better things will be, if only you could fill in that empty space!

It’s one of many missing pieces to the puzzle to your healing journey. That’s how it feels to me.

Maybe it’s the digestion of fat. Or the tolerance of probiotics from yogurt. Or that medical marijuana for all its pain numbing properties, also makes you paranoid.

Whatever it is, the anticipation is driving you mad. Because, if you could do that one thing, digest fats, tolerate probiotics, and so on; all the other pieces could fall into place. Your health could be so much better than it is right now.

Where is that damn ‘L’ piece already!

In my case, sauerkraut has been highly recommended for me many times for its probiotics and enzymes. However, every time I tried it, my acne would flare to ridiculous, embarrassing levels and I would throw out the jar feeling defeated.

Since starting Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN), I have noticed that my acne, while not perfectly clear, is dramatically better and well controlled. The other day I decided to try sauerkraut again.

And you know what happened?

Nothing, no major acne flare!

After all these years, I realized that LDN is a major piece of the puzzle that I have needed. It fits beautifully. Huge points galore! Plus, the Sauerkraut is looking like a new piece of the puzzle that will fit in without any problems.

The IBD Journey is like a game of Tetris because each treatment is a puzzle piece that will fill in your health gaps and give you the freedom to tackle other health gaps that are deeper down the stack.

It can take years of research, and trail and error, but once that space is filled in, the anticipation that was driving you mad bursts into a feeling of fiero.