Health Update – March 2012

My last update was December 29th, 2011. I am long overdue in letting you all know how I am doing.

Since then, my bowel movements have been up and down, like a roller coaster. One week I’d have 1 to 3 movements of diarrhea then the next I would have solid bowel movements (BMs). I have found that eating homemade fermented yogurt, as usual is what helps me a lot.

I also experimented with Low-dose Naltrexone a little. I think it helped me enjoy all the bad food during Christmas, but eventually it was too much for the LDN to help. That’s when the roller coaster of symptoms started. Soon after the start of the symptoms, I ran out of LDN.

Then a month later I had a research study to participate in that required I eat food according to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. After I finished sending my last stool sample to the study, I got back on LDN. For the month of March I did fantastically well.

Though, on March 28th I had a couple bouts of diarrhea and then the next day I was back to normal and have been since.

I’ve been very happy with the LDN. I have not had any changes in my sleep either positive or negative that I have noticed. My skin however, is really clear, something to celebrate on its own for me as I have struggled with acne since a teen. I believe my acne and crohn’s are related to intestinal permeability.

When I had the D on the 28th, I didn’t panic at all. I had looked at my data and found that I was steadily making improvements over the long term. When I look at the long term improvements, a setback on a given day doesn’t bother me. It will have to be weeks of daily setbacks to change the direction my health is headed in before I start to worry. It’s important to see the long term trends and not the daily roller coaster ride.