The Best Way to Control Crohn’s disease…

CCFA FB Medications
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This is a post by the CCFA on July 5, 2012. It’s filled with over 100 comments of people talking about the medications they take. 10% (high estimate) of the comments are from people saying they don’t take medication and that changing diet, probiotics, fish oils, and exercise have been more helpful than medications.

The below is the comment I left in this thread.

The best way to control Crohn’s disease is by choosing whatever treatment works best for you. For several of us here (we are in the minority) that means NO medications and changing our healthstyle to eat better, reduce stress, and exercise.

When is the CCFA going to become an organization that lives up to its mission statement by providing information on all available treatment options, not just pharmaceutical drugs?

The recently completed Human Microbiome Project contains many studies and data that confirm people with IBD have compromised intestinal gut ecology. A change in diet to one that is anti-inflammatory, and high in probiotics will over a long time help restore balance to our ravaged gut eco system. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Stay colonized,