Screen of video editing for WANTED: Crohn's End

Seeking Volunteers for Logging Project

I am looking for one volunteer who wants to test a system I have created to allow volunteers to help me produce my documentary faster than I can do it by myself.

I have filmed hours of interviews and b-roll for WANTED: Crohn’s End. An important part of production is to log all video recorded.

Logging is a process where someone watches video and then captures specific information into a file, typically an excel spreadsheet.

Information captured

  • ID of log entry
  • Timecode start
  • Timecode end
  • Description of what is seen and heard in video during the timecode segment
  • A rating of how relevant the timecode segment is to the film
  • Keywords that are associated with the timecode segment

excel spreadsheet of log

Logging the video files helps me to create the documentary because I use the logged information to decide what to include in the film or not without having to watch all the video repeatedly.

The logging process is very time consuming for each minute of video. I have many hours of interview and b-roll video that needs to be logged.

Additionally, with my hearing loss, the task is made even more difficult and time consuming for me at times.

I have created a volunteer project using the project and task management software called Trello to get help with logging my interview and b-roll video.

With your help, production of the documentary can be made significantly faster.

trello project

You will be rewarded with copies of the film upon release!


  • For 15 minutes of video logged you will receive a copy of the digital version for download.
  • For 30 minutes logged you will receive a copy of the DVD.
  • For 45 minutes logged you will receive a copy of the DVD + Bonus disc.
  • For 1 hour logged you will receive a copy of the DVD + Bonus disc that is personally autographed by me (Reid).
  • Additionally, you will receive film credit as a “video/audio logger”.

Since this process is new and untested, I am looking for a volunteer who has access to Google Documents or Excel Spreadsheet software, has strong technical communication skills (including being able to communicate problems in detail), is timely in their communications, a creative problem solver, and is comfortable with learning new software.

If you are interested, please share with me why you would be a good fit for this volunteer project by emailing me at

Stay colonized,

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