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Foods for Healing Online Classes

UPDATE: Registration is now open! This page covers the courses in much greater detail than the information below. Don’t forget the discount code, healibd.

Foods for HealingDo you believe in the power of foods to help heal our digestive tract, and produce an anti-inflammatory response in our guts? I do too!

Have you ever heard about Irish Moss? Neither had I. Not until I read Meghan Telpner’s blog about it.

Meghan Telpner is a self-described “nutritionista” who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after years of struggling with 19 doctors to find out what was wrong with her. She rejected the conventional approaches of drugs and surgery to use alternative approaches instead.

Using acupuncture, yoga, and healthy food, she overcame Crohn’s disease. Today she runs a blog about nutrition, runs cooking workshops, and creates online educational courses on food and health.

I am excited to let you all know about a new, high quality online course by Meghan devoted to the topic of foods that aid in healing the digestive tract. Certain foods are more beneficial to the esophagus or intestines than others, and this course aims to teach you about these different edible healing tools.

You can read more details about what is offered in the Foods for Healing course and watch the short video below for a taste of what she’ll be offering in the classes.

She has a 13 minute video detailing her health journey from sickness to recovery. If you want to check it out, enter your name and email address on right hand side at You will get an email with a link to the video about her healing journey and you’ll also get access to another video where she demonstrates how to make a chocolate pudding recipe that incorporates gut healing foods.

I have watched the preview videos for the online course and I am impressed with the professional quality of the lighting, cinematography, and sound. Meghan Telpner is a very spunky and engaging speaker who makes the subject matter easy to digest.

I am happy to let you know that I have a coupon code that you can use for a 10% discount for the online course materials. There are different packages with different price ranges. In addition to the discount, you should know that if you purchase an online course using my coupon code, I will get a 10% commission from the sale.

Since I lost my only source of income a few weeks ago, and I am working hard on finishing WANTED: Crohn’s End ASAP, any amount of commission money will go towards supporting production of the film.

The coupon code for your use is: healibd

Registration opens this Friday, November 9th at 12 p.m. E.S.T.

NOTE: Some of the ingredients called for in the course are not compatible with the recommendations of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet program. I am unsure if they fit within the various Paleo programs, and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome program. Please do your own research to see if a specific ingredient will work for your needs.

I most identify the Gut and Psychology Syndrome nutritional healing program, but will stray from its recommendations to try a healing food if the health benefits are promising.

As with any dietary experiments, do research, ask questions, and minimize your risks by going slow and using low doses until you can determine if it works for you.

Stay colonized,

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