October 2012 Recap

October has flown by for me, but not without making solid progress on the documentary.

After several weeks of preparation, I launched on October 26 a project for volunteers to assist me with logging the video I have filmed so far. It’s a time consuming process, more so for me because of my hearing loss. If you have an interest in helping speed up the release of the film, read about the project and get in touch with me to help.

In between logging sessions, I continue to piece together Tara’s story. The first rough cut version will likely be about two hours long, and I will cut that down significantly in a series of edits.

In other recent news, I started playing ice hockey again in my city’s adult hockey league. My first game back I got an assist. The second game I almost got another assist. It’s been incredibly fun getting back on the ice after so long.

I don’t blame Crohn’s for the end of my hockey career as a teenager, but it sure as heck didn’t make it easy to play. Now that I’m playing again, I am noticing that I am not getting the gut cramping, and light headed symptoms I got before as a teenager when my Crohn’s was worse. This is proof to me that I am at the prime of my health right now at age 32. Now, if I could just heal my bruises and sprained wrists, I’ll be flying all over the ice!

Thanks for reading this edition, and I will leave you with some interesting links I have read this month.

Stay colonized,

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