Screen of video editing for WANTED: Crohn's End

Call for Video Testimonials!

Since 2010 I have worked hard to create a documentary that I think can help improve the lives of those suffering with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. I have done exhaustive research about these inflammatory bowel diseases and alternative treatment options. I have shared my results and information in treating my Crohn’s, so that I can help others.

Given how complicated inflammatory bowel diseases are, it is always a surprise to me when someone tells me the information I am sharing has helped them improve their health.

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When someone tells me I have helped them to decrease their symptoms and feel better, it is one of the most rewarding feelings I can experience. It proves to me that this documentary has the potential to profoundly change people’s lives for the better.

I am working on launching a second fundraiser for my documentary using Indiegogo this December 28th. The funds will be used to pay artist fees for editing, post-production polish, infographics, and animations for example.

Screen of video editing for WANTED: Crohn's End

I want to create a compelling pitch video to launch with my fundraiser and I invite anyone to submit a short 20 to 60 second video of yourself talking about how the information I have shared has helped you and why WANTED: Crohn’s End needs to be funded.

Has my personal story inspired you to change your lifestyle into a healthstyle (healthy lifestyle choices)?

Has the information I posted empowered you to make informed health decisions?

Did a specific treatment I mentioned lead to you feeling much better?

If you have a video camera (cell phone cams work too!) and a quiet place to record yourself giving a short 20 – 60 second testimonial, please consider posting to YouTube and sharing with me, CrohnsEnd so that I can include your testimonial in my pitch video. Together, we can show potential funders why this documentary deserves to be funded, and how valuable this film will be if it’s completed and shared with the IBD world!