December 2012 Recap

I hope everyone enjoy their respective holidays! Read on for a production update and learn how you can help make my upcoming fundraiser more successful by recording a video of yourself!


I will meet with my production mentor in early January to go over my progress so far and hash out issues I’m having. He’s advised me not to deal with overlaying additional video called B-Roll on top of someone speaking during their interview. The information people share in the interviews is the meat and I’m still baking it. When it’s the right temperature, I can dress it with herbs and spices.

Another piece of advice he told me, “The main issue in a documentary is not what to add but what to discard. You will always have too much material.” This is 100% true and a real challenge for me because I think everything is important and needs to be included.

But I know in the end it will be worth it because IBD patients will become empowered to try alternative treatments and will see dramatic improvements in their health.


This month I have done a ton of work for the upcoming fundraiser. I just hope it is all worth it. The fundraiser will be delayed by a few days after my original December 28th launch date.

On December 27th, I met with an experienced entrepreneur and business professor who generously volunteered to assist me in creating the best campaign possible. Based on her and feedback from other people, I will make further adjustments to the campaign plans and pitch video.

My girlfriend and others have helped significantly by giving me feedback and helping me film special shots just for the pitch video. Now I’m working on my third version, let’s hope the third time does the trick.

How you can help

If you believe it’s important my documentary is finished, please help make the pitch video better by recording a short 20 to 60 second video of yourself explaining to potential funders why you think my documentary needs to be made.

Maybe you’ve already experienced the healing powers of alternative treatments and know my film can help others in the same way you’ve been helped.

Or maybe the web videos I have released have inspired you to make massive changes and you feel much better now.

If you have a reason why you think my film should be made, please help me by creating a short video in 20 to 60 seconds. You can use any camera you like, but make sure the audio is good enough to understand you.

My goal is to have several testimonials and include them in my fundraiser video materials. People will not only hear me explain my reasons why funding my documentary is important, but they’ll hear from you, people on the receiving end of the information and treatments I advocate.

If you do create a video, you can upload to YouTube and then send me the link at Feel free to email me with questions or comments.

Another way you can help is if you have a blog, radio show, etc. and you want to interview me or write about my film, fundraiser, and the use of alternative treatments for inflammatory bowel disease. I will collect all media and post yours on my blog.

Stay colonized,

Reid Kimball Signature