November 2012 Recap


November was a terrific month for development of the film, so let’s recap what’s been happening.

Playing Ice Hockey

I continued to play ice hockey, and I am really enjoying it. My girlfriend volunteered to film me playing, and I will put some video of me playing in the documentary. It’s important because if it weren’t for alternative approaches to treating my Crohn’s, I wouldn’t be playing hockey. Based on the video she filmed, I played at least 25minutes last game. I have strength, endurance, and best of all, no gut pain or light headedness when I play.

Reid Kimball playing ice hockey
Reid Kimball playing ice hockey

40 minutes of Tara’s story

This month I completed a rough cut version of Tara’s story from start to finish. It ended up being 40 minutes long out of close to 4 hours of interviews taken during two separate visits.

People who have seen it have said Tara’s story is heart wrenching and she has a powerful presence on camera.

I am really looking forward to interweaving her story segments in with other segments of the film.

Screen of video editing for WANTED: Crohn's End

1 minute cut of start of film

Just last week I finished a rough cut version of what I believe will be the first minute of the film. Early feedback is mixed, with some very positive, and some saying it needs more work. After the feedback, I think 1 minute is too short for me to achieve my objectives with it, and I will expand on it as I continue to develop it.

Volunteer logging progress

As I piece together the film, the volunteers who are logging my video interviews are plugging away. One logged 1 hr 14 minutes of an interview in 16 hours.

Second fundraiser planning

In order to ensure I have the funds to complete the film sooner rather than later, I am doing a second fundraising drive. I plan on raising at least $20,000, almost double what I did in 2010.

I have a timeline to complete the film by June, 2013. I have contacted several leaders in the IBD community, and have already received confirmation they will help promote the fundraiser.

I could use your help too in promotion, and funds. Details will be forthcoming as they develop, but tentative plans are to start the fundraiser Dec 28th, and end it 32 days later on Jan 26th, which happens to be my birthday. I can’t imagine the world letting me down on my birthday!

That’s all for now, the next time you hear of a production update from me will be at the end of December.

Stay colonized,

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