Jan 19th Fundraiser Update

We’re 12 days into the fundraiser and I’m really pleased!

One of the most surprising things I’ve seen is that there are many of you who are contributing, but not asking for a reward. That is very generous, and heartwarming.

Fundraiser stats

After eleven days, two days are tied for having the most contributions, at ten each. The highest total for a day is $870, and $0 is the lowest. There have been two days with zero contributions.


This week saw the release of a New England Journal of Medicine study about using Fecal Transplants (aka Human Microbiota Transplants) for the treatment of Clostridium Difficile (C. diff) overgrowth, which is not uncommon for those with IBD to experience.

Many prominent news outlets covered the story including Wired, USA Today, and the New York Times. The Boston Globe reported that Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is attempting to gain approval to study if FMT can help those with IBD, such as Crohn’s disease.

Reading this, I had an epiphany, that FMT, as self-described is a transplantation of a healthy microbiome into someone who needs it, and that diet isn’t a transplantation, but rather a cultivation of a healthy microbiome.

An overwhelming majority of the people who contacted me to be interviewed for the film told me stories about how they changed their diet and used probiotics to overcome their IBD. I started with this approach in 2004 and today I feel like it’s finally paying off as I have advanced to potent, homemade fermented food that I believe is rebuilding my gut ecology.

So many with IBD have it drilled into their heads that diet doesn’t matter and it is one of the biggest challenges I face with my documentary to explain to those with IBD why they must look at diet differently.

First week special reward progress

For those who donated in the first week, you’ll be happy to know your special gift is progressing nicely. I have 9 minutes done of Tara’s 10 minute story, but those 9 minutes only cover half of her story! It’s proving to be very difficult to cut 40 minutes down to 10.


My new twitter friend Aaron was nice enough to plug the fundraiser on his blog. If you want to do the same, please let me know. I’m collecting coverage and will make a blog post about all the coverage the fundraiser has had.

Donation ask letter

A friend of mine wrote a fantastic appeal letter that I want to share with you in full, so that you can customize it and use it to help with fundraising for this campaign. I saw firsthand how she was able to attract several contributions with it. Then a friend of hers customized it and again attracted a few more contributions from it.

Here it is:

[Enter your name] here! I have a personal favor to ask each of you. I’m going to get all serious!

Background: Most of you know that I have [enter your condition, Crohn’s or colitis]. [Customize the following as you see fit.] I don’t talk about it much outside of the support group I started 5 years ago. It has cost my husband and I dearly, both emotionally and financially. In the end, I have lost several organs including 15 feet of my intestines, I almost died, I had to give up a career I loved and I must take drugs that make me sick outside of the Crohn’s. These drugs also have the potential to give me an incurable cancer.

The sad part is that these drugs were not made for Crohn’s and are being used off-label to suppress my immune system so that my body does not attack itself. The medical community only knows how to treat the symptoms and not the disease. There are no drugs or treatments designed specifically for IBD. I am still sick, and modern medicine & insurance ignore alternative cures. I am paying with my life to be a lab rat and PEETA primarily only protects dogs, cats and monkeys. We only have each other for protection.

My friend and fellow Crohn’s sufferer, Reid, has spent 2 years making a documentary called Wanted: Crohn’s End. He has sacrificed everything he has to make this film in the name of helping those of us who are still sick. This includes using himself for a guinea pig until he found what works for him. Reid is holding a 30 day crowd funding project to raise the 33k he needs to finish the film and get it to market so those of us with Crohn’s and Ulcertaitve Colitis can get people on the outside of our disease to listen to us. And to give hope to those of us who have no idea there may be an alternative to the poison we take.

If everyone I know on Facebook would donate $1.00 USD, I would consider it a personal favor. I’m not one to call in favors and never expect those I help to return anything but a ‘thank you’. However, this is not about me, this is about more than 1,500,000 (one million five-hundred thousand) plus people in the USA and another million worldwide, who like me, have gone ignored, been made fun of and told if we eat right and exercise we will be fine. We have suffered unimaginable pain and our loved ones, those that hang around, suffer as well.

This is about stomping out ignorance of Crohn’s and IBD as a whole. Most importantly, this is about bringing viable treatments to the mainstream before another one of us die. Before someone you know or love is diagnosed with it. It’s growing at an alarming rate and no one knows why. Children are now being born with it. I cannot imagine that.

Please visit this link and donate single $1. This is what crowd funding is about- strength in numbers; individuals gathered together to make a huge difference as a whole. Like and Share this post, please. Thanks for reading my little novella 🙂 -[enter your name]


Thanks for reading!

Stay colonized,