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Jan 28th Fundraiser Update

We are fast approaching two weeks left for the WANTED: Crohn’s End fundraiser on Indiegogo! At close to $5,000 raised, we have a lot that needs to be raised before Feb 15th.

I have added two new rewards for the final two weeks of the campaign! One is a $45 level that features three pieces of content from Jini Patel Thompson, who will appear in the documentary. She is a noted author, blogger, and speaker on alternative treatments for a range of digestive conditions including IBDs. Her information has been very helpful in my healing journey, especially her “Listen to Your Gut” book. More info about the rewards can be found here:

I had deleted the $250 Your Story reward and now have added it back because someone told me they wanted to choose it. When you choose the “Your Story” reward and record your video, please keep it under 3 minutes, and tell your story. Some suggested key points to cover are

  • Introduce yourself with your name, any other info you think important.
  • Were you often sick as a child?
  • How long did it take for you to get diagnosed?
  • What were you diagnosed with?
  • What were the treatments like?
  • If you tried alternative treatments, how did those work?
  • How are you feeling today?
  • What do you wish you had known at the diagnosis that you know today?
  • Any final words, advice, inspiration?

The above are just ideas and probably wouldn’t all fit within 3 minutes, so pick and choose what you’d like to talk about or come up with your own script. What’s important is that your true story comes to light.

The pitch video has changed slightly so that the first 3 minutes are my trailer, and then the next 4 minutes are of the original pitch video where I talk about the documentary and show clips from the film. I think this will interest people more, and attract more contributions.

That’s all for now, please continue sharing the link ( to the fundraiser in email, social media channels, and talk about the film and alternative healing for IBDs with everyone you know.

Stay colonized,

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