Fundraiser Wrap-up

The fundraiser is over and we managed to raise exactly $6,154, which is not bad at all for ~30 days of work! However, it is far short of my $33,000 goal. I want to assure everyone that I will find a way to continue production, and release the film as soon as possible.

Indiegogo Fundraiser Results
Indiegogo Fundraiser Results

However, my intended June release date is not likely to happen, because instead of working on the film full time, I need to seek and obtain other sources of income. I have leads that I am working on, but nothing solid yet.

Aside from money, the fundraiser’s goal was to spread awareness for the film, and for the alternative treatments being used by courageous IBD patients all over the world. The emails, Facebook “likes”, and Twitter “follows” I received told me that awareness definitely grew during the campaign!

If you missed out on the fundraiser, you can contribute in several ways through this page.

I want to thank everyone for helping, whether it was with planning, ideas, a contribution, or sharing links to the campaign with your social network. I couldn’t have done this without the help. See the bottom of this page for specific shoutouts and link love.


Some interesting stats from the campaign.

44 people chose a digital download, while 42 people chose the DVD or DVD + bonus materials.

134 people contributed to this campaign, which is 1 more person than the initial Kickstarer campaign.

If I take out the two largest donations from the Kickstarter campaign, it raised $7,416 vs. the Indiegogo campaign of $6,154. That is surprisingly close between the two campaigns in my opinion.

Big Take Away Lesson

My biggest lesson learned from the campaign is that I hurt the success of the campaign by spreading myself too thin. I either needed a larger team of social media fundraisers or should have narrowed my focus.

Because the film will cover several alternative treatments I tried to get the campaign in front of the eyes of anyone who was part of those various communities. This meant Crohn’s and colitis, low-dose naltrexone, GAPS, SCD, Paleo, Helminthic therapy, and Human Microbiota Transplants (aka Fecal Transplants) to name a few. I feel I would have done better by focusing on fewer of the above communities.

I’m glad I made this mistake now, so that when the film is released, I can have a better idea of who to target and how.

Stay colonized,

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Thanks to these fine folks for interviews, blog posts, retweets, or partnering with me for fundraiser rewards. If I didn’t mention you, please do me a favor and comment below so you can get the recognition you deserve? Thanks!