Sandor Katz to Appear in WCE!

Hey all,

Photo: Sandor Katz. Credit: Sean Minteh
Photo: Sandor Katz. Credit: Sean Minteh
Quick announcement but it’s a big one! I am proud to reveal that Sandor Katz, author of the excellent book, The Art of Fermentation will be appearing in the documentary! I’m excited that he agreed to share his knowledge on fermented foods, the unfortunate “War on Bacteria”, and the health benefits of bacteria.

Here’s a preview of what we talked about.

We’ve got about two weeks left to raise money for the documentary. I want to release this sooner than later because every day this documentary isn’t released is a day that someone out there is not overcoming their Crohn’s or colitis and is suffering needlessly.

Please share this video, share the images I post on my Facebook page, share the link to the fundraiser,, contribute, and whatever else you can do. Tweet to celebrities, post flyers around town, tell your doctors, whatever it takes because this is the final push!