Tweet for WCE!

It’s crunch time to raise as much as we can in the final 12 days of this fundraiser. We’ve done a fantastic job so far. I mean that because raising money isn’t easy and I’ve seen many of you have contributed your hard earned money, sometimes for a second time (bows down in worship), and have asked your friends and family to contribute too.

At this point, we need to use our numbers and try to reach as many community leaders, celebrities, popular bloggers, etc as possible. We need more people to become aware of the campaign and to contribute before Feb 15th ends.

I have a plan! I have created a google document spreadsheet where we can collectively edit it to list twitter profiles and categorize the profiles. Then, we can each decide who we want to tweet a message to in the hopes they retweet that message to their followers.

The Google spreadsheet can be found here:

For example, when you tweet a celebrity who has IBD, you can write,

“Pls retweet to help to raise funds for a doc film about ppl w/IBD who use alternative treatments. #endIBD”


“Check out this awesome documentary I think you’ll like! We can use the help. #endIBD”

Or any variation of the above. What’s important is asking the Twitter profile owner to either look at the campaign link or retweet it, include the campaign link, and the twitter hashtag #endIBD so that we can follow each other’s tweets.

This works pooperstars! Here’s what I posted and a retweet soon after.

A tweet asking others to retweet my request to fund the film.
A tweet asking others to retweet my request to fund the film.
A retweet of my tweet.
A retweet of my tweet.

To get started, check out and spend 5 – 10 minutes out of your day helping to spread awareness. And please add more twitter profiles that you know of. I am looking for twitter profiles that have 1,000+ followers in many domains, SCD, Paleo, GAPS, Doctors, Film, IBD, Helminthic therapy, LDN, and more!














Stay colonized,

-Reid B. Kimball