Reid Kimball documenting a protest in Eugene, OR

Feb – Mid Mar 2013 Recap

Production update

I apologize for the lateness of this update. March has been a very busy month for me as I am searching for work to help fund production of the film. I also moved closer to downtown. I am all moved in, but not entirely unpacked yet.

The fundraiser ended in February and I tried to secure additional funding from a private donor, but that fell through. I am now searching for part and full-time positions related to film production and video editing. If you know of any video projects that can be done remotely, I’d appreciate being notified.

Fundraiser rewards have been delivered to the people who contributed to the campaign and chose either the Troubleshooting Your Digestion or Listen to Your Gut rewards.

Health update

My health for February has been very good. I track my data on and it shows I felt fantastic for the whole month, with my health in the 80 – 90 range. I attribute this to my efforts to rebuild the health of my gut ecology by avoiding foods that promote unhealthy gut ecology and eating foods that promote a health one.

During the recent move however, I developed a strong chest and head cold. I had fevers, woozy head, achy body, runny nose, and a loud, congested cough. My bowel movements naturally have been impacted, but nothing serious.

Thanks for reading this month’s update. I will leave you with some interesting links for your research.

Notable links